Are you skipping the shuttles and driving yourself?

If you have decided to not take our shuttle and drive yourself to and from HQ to each day’s race here is some help! Remember, in general, you won’t be driving to the actual start or finish line. You are driving to a central location close to both the start and finish and we will shuttle you to the start and from the finish back to your car. Grand Canyon is the exception.


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Plan on this drive taking 1Β½ hours


  1. Head south on N 100 E toward E 450 N – .3mi
  2. Turn right onto E 300 N St – .5mi
  3. Turn right onto US-89 N/ N 300 W – 59.5 mi
  4. Head east on UT- 12 E toward Entrance Dr –Β  13.6 mi
    (if you get to the Quality Inn Bryce you missed your turn)
  5. Turn right onto UT- 63 S – 1.2 mi
  6. Turn left onto N 100 E – 20ft
    – You will park in a lot directly across the street from Ruby’s Inn. Make sure that you are here by 7:00 AM.


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This drive will take close to 1 hour.


  1. Go south on N 100E toward E 450 N –Β  .6 mi
  2. Turn left onto S 100 E –Β  .3m
  3. Continue straight (south) onto US-89A S/ S 100 E-Β  6.8 m
  4. Turn right onto AZ -389 W/ Pratt St – 32.6 mi
    (this is a little tricky intersection and isn’t well marked. Don’t miss this turn or you will endΒ  Β up at Grand Canyon eventually)
  5. Continue onto UT- 59 N – 8.1mi
    (same highway, different state)
  6. Slight right onto Main St -2.6 mi
    (if you make it to the town of Apple Valley you have gone too far)

    After 2.6 miles you will park in the empty field and be shuttled from here to the start. Make sure you are parked at 7:00AM.

Grand Canyon

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Plan on this drive taking roughly 2 hr and 15 minutes. It could be more or less depending on how fast you drive on the dirt forest service roads. This is also the most remote of any race. You wont have cellular or data service but Β we will have event signs at main roads and smaller directional arrows all along the dirt roads.


  1. Head south on N 100 E toward E 450 N – .6 mi
  2. Follow US 89A S to Coconino County – 8.7 mi
  3. Take Forest Service Rd 22 and 422 Rd to your destination -42.8 mi
    There will be a main parking area. Once that is filled we will have an overflow parking area. If you park in the overflow we will be shuttling you from there to the start line.Β  Plan on arriving at the parking area at 7:00AM.
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