new zion parking (snow) copyAs you know, the original plan was to have all event parking and shuttles at the old airstrip on Highway 9. However, when we checked on it early this morning we found it was way too muddy for parking after the snow.

Instead, we will have all race parking and shuttles at Zion Mountain Ranch, just a little further northeast on Highway 9. There will be crew members there in the morning to help direct traffic, however you should leave earlier than you were planning. While we will have plenty of race parking, the new location at Zion Mountain Ranch only has one entry point and there will be traffic delays.

You can view the map above to get a rough idea of how parking will be set up. We’ll be parking along the road you can see highlighted in red. The shuttles will be picking up and dropping off at the entrance to Zion Mountain Ranch, so you may have a bit of a walk from your car to the shuttle. Please give yourself plenty of time to drive, park, walk, and catch a shuttle!

[nzs_heading heading=”3″] TIMES, DROP-OFF, AND SPECTATORS [/nzs_heading]

Parking and shuttle times have not changed, but to recap:

Shuttle Times to Start Line: Shuttles will take runners to the start line from the Zion Mountain Ranch parking area from 4:35-6:15 am. The parking lot opens at 4:00 am. We cannot stress enough the importance of arriving early to the parking lot. The last shuttles will leave for the start line at 6:15 am. DO NOT BE LATE.

Drop Off & Spectators: If you are dropping off a runner at Zion Mountain Ranch, you must remain in your car and immediately leave after your runner is dropped off. If you’re planning to park and wait for a shuttle to the finish line, then please park and then let your runner out. Any stopping at the ranch entrance will only cause more delays. Please note that spectator shuttles to the finish line will start at 7:15 am.

Guests at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort: A few shuttles will take spectators staying at Ponderosa down to the finish line. This is optional for spectators who are guests at Ponderosa, but will only be available in the minutes after the race starts. If guests do not ride this shuttle they can drive down to Zion Mountain Ranch and be shuttled to the finish line. There will be separate shuttles running runners/spectators back to the Ponderosa from the finish line starting at 8:00 am.

Finish Line Shuttles: Shuttles will begin running from Zion Mountain Ranch to the finish line around 7:15 am. They will run non-stop to bus spectators to the finish and both runners and spectators back to the parking from the finish line until the race is over.

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