Race Day Shuttles

We’ll have plenty of parking at the start line, but absolutely no parking at the finish line. Runners are encouraged to park at the start line. We will have a Pre-race Shuttle and a Finish Line Shuttle.

We will have buses picking up runners and bringing them to the start line from 2 locations:
1) Ranch Lot at Teton Village
2) Teton County Recreation Center

You can either walk to or get dropped off at these two locations to catch the shuttle to the start line in the morning (parking at these two spots is very limited). These shuttles will leave to the start line at 4:45 AM.

Since there is no parking at the finish line, all spectators will need to ride the shuttle to the finish line. Shuttles taking spectators to the finish line will pick up at three locations:
1) The Start Line
2) Ranch Lot at Teton Village
3) Teton County Recreation Center

These buses will begin shuttling spectators to the finish line at 6:30 AM. Buses will then transport runners and spectators back to the start line as well as Teton Village and the Rec Center after the race. These shuttles will run from 6:30 AM – Noon. These buses will be leaving continuously as they fill up. The last shuttle will leave at Noon.

Please remember- absolutely no parking at the finish line.

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