2017 Zion Detailed Course Description (East Side)

east side course
Starting Line: The race will start at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.

Mile 1: The first mile will take place at Zion Ponderosa. Runners should expect hills on hard packed dirt road.

Miles 2-5: This will be the fastest section of the race. Runners will turn down North Fork County Road for 4 miles. While not entirely downhill, there is a net loss of 400 feet over these 4 miles. The County Road is still going to be open to vehicles, but most traffic should be slow moving event vehicles. Runners will be required to stay on one side of the road.

Miles 6-7: Just after mile 5, runners will turn off of North Fork County Road and run past the old air strip. This is a relatively flat section on hard packed dirt.

Highway crossing: Just after Mile 7, runners will need to cross Highway 9. We will not be able to shut down traffic for the event, but we will have people directing traffic. It is very important that runners follow the directions of those directing traffic in order to cross the highway safely.

Miles 7-9: After crossing the highway, runners will enter Zion Mountain Ranch. These miles will be mostly flat with some small uphills all on paved asphalt. This section borders the Bison Preserve and runners should be able to see Bison near the course!

Mile 10: Runners will continue to run around the Bison Preserve, but the course will turn to dirt. This section will be rocky, uneven trail. At times it may be more packed dirt, but expect it to be very trail-like.

Miles 11-13: The course will turn into a single track trail for the final 3 miles. This trail will parallel the highway, and will be nearly flat. These miles will be entirely on trail until the final half mile within the campground, which will be on hard packed dirt.

Finish: The race will finish at the Hi-Road Camp Ground.

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