Things To Do: Quadrant 4


Quadrant 4: Grand Canyon, Inspiration Point, Tower Fall, Mt. Washburn, Lamar Valley

Quadrant 1, 2, and 3 were great. But Quadrant 4 delivers with some of Yellowstone’s most spectacular sites (in my opinion). This section of the park seems to be a little less sic-fi, but no less beautiful and enchanting.

Let’s start in the northern part and work clockwise down through the north east section of the park. We start at Lamar Valley.


10560077343_6798a4a8e7_kLamar Valley – is a wide, expansive valley in sort of a remote north-eastern corner of the park. Lamar Valley is where you are most likely to see a large variety of wildlife: bison, elk, wolf, coyote, even grizzly bears. It is the #1 place to see wolves in the park, but you’re going to need to get up pretty early or stick around until dusk.

Tower Fall – heading south there are several opportunities to get different views of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. The first is Tower Fall Overlook. The hike to Tower Fall Overlook is a very short, easy, family friendly hike (0.1 miles).

9991143855_4ca584cabb_kTower Fall is a popular waterfall of Tower Creek. It is a 132-foot tall waterfall, plunging as a near perfect water column all the way to the bottom.




3877171706_9cb5956c70_oThe view looking back from the overlook isn’t too bad either.




Mt. Washburn – a bit further south we have Mt. Washburn. Back in September we did a blog post about Mt. Washburn, designating it as our official race hike. The Washburn Club is for those who hike to the summit of Mt. Washburn within 72 hours of completing the race! Everyone who joins the club will receive 50% OFF next year’s entry.

7789541186_b600f2351d_oMt. Washburn is a 7 mile (roundtrip) hike. It is a bit of a challenge, but definitely doable. We won’t say it is easy, but it is much less rigorous than some. All along the hike to the summit you are treated to beautiful views. At the summit you can see all the way to the Tetons! This half day hike is well worth your time. Plan accordingly. Be safe. Be smart.  Enjoy the view!


Grand Canyon – As we continue south and reach the end of our journey, we are treated to a couple last breathtaking sites and enjoyable family hikes. Artist Point and Inspiration Point. Both are just a short hike off of the main road, but both offer very popular and iconic views of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

12007424935_f15ac739b5_kWell, that about does it. Hopefully when you visit Yellowstone this guide can be of some help in planning out what to see. The great thing about the park is you could spend an entire season here and not see everything. So plan accordingly. Your time here is precious. See as much as you can, or see as little. Sometimes less is more. You could rush through and see 75% of this list, or you could pick one or two and really get down in there and explore. It is up to you.

Whichever you choose, we hope you enjoy the park as much as we do. We love our parks, and this one is definitely something special.

Did we forget anything? Which of your “must sees” did we leave out? Leave a comment below and we will be sure to talk about it later so others can enjoy it too.


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