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We have things finalized with shuttles for race day! We’re going to have 5 buses on race day, so we’ll be able to shuttle approximately 250 people from the finish line to the starting line on the morning of the race.

Last year we had a lot of people sign up for a spot on our shuttles and over half did not show up. Because of this we are charging $5 this year to reserve a seat on the shuttle. You can reserve your spot on the morning shuttles here.

[nzs_heading heading=”5″]Shuttle Schedule[/nzs_heading]

The shuttle will pick up at the finish line starting at 5:15am with the last shuttle leaving at 5:40am. Because of the logistics of the event, we cannot wait for stragglers. So if you have no plan B, please don’t be late to the shuttle.

After the race we will have FREE shuttles starting at 9:30am and leaving regularly to return you to the start line. You do not need to register for a seat on the shuttle after the race.

[nzs_heading heading=”5″]Parking or Drop-off[/nzs_heading] There is plenty of parking at the starting line for those who do not wish to ride one of our shuttles. Runners may be dropped off or they may drive and park at the starting line. If you choose to park at the starting line you must get there BEFORE 6:40, or you won’t be able to park.

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  • Sue Moir says:

    How late with the shuttles run AFTER the race?

    • salemstanley says:

      They will start around 9:30am and we expect the final shuttle to run around 11:30am. We’ll keep them running as long e have people who need them. :)

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