November 14

Proposed Course

This past month I was able to visit the Grand Canyon.

This is me and my oldest son who kept me company.

We have put a request into the Grand Canyon Park Service to use the new Greenway for the course. You can see details about the proposed course here. You can see it starts in the park, so our chances are slim to get it approved, but it would be awesome. If we can’t get it approved we will pursue this as the course for the Grand Canyon race. It is not as pretty, but it is right at the South Rim, so exploring the park that afternoon or the next day or two would be easy and convenient.

In terms of time of year, we are looking at a couple options. It is difficult to accommodate a lot of runners during the peak season, and the off season tends to be a less fun time to visit the park so we like to hit the “shoulder season. As you can see by the chart below visitation to the park peaks in July,  and the off season is December-February. From March-May and from September-November are potential options.

What time of year would you prefer to run at the Grand Canyon? What do you think about the courses? Leave comments below or give us feedback on Facebook.


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  • I think April or May would be good since the Zion half is in March. Loved the inaugural Zion half today too! Well done Salem! Looking forward to next year or some of the other vacation races. Tempted to sign up for more, for example the Grand Canyon one once the course is approved.

  • i would love a race anywhere from late april to july. one thing arizona is famous for is it’s warm weather…but in northern arizona it’s not too warm ESPECIALLY in march and november!

  • I really enjoyed going to the park in November. Not too cold and not too many tourists. I hope you can get approval for the first suggested course… Does the park service generally not allow races in the parks?

    • Generally no. I have some sympathy for them as well, if they let us in, then there would a race there every weekend which would be annoying. :)

      We may try and pull together a spring race. In any case, we want to beat the crowds so a spring or late fall is probable.

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