August 7

Post Race Activities

I just returned from a site visit to Zion. I met with some park officials, as well as local officials in Springdale. I also talked with a few local hoteliers and activity guides.

The community is excited about the race this Spring. It barely hits their shoulder season, so the the park is busy but not crazy like the middle of Summer. It really will be a perfect time to visit the park.

I am working with some of the activity guides to offer some special deals to runners in the days following the race. I was told some of the best activities you can do are the canyoneering of some of the local slot canyons. This is where you head down slot canyons that look like this:

There are several places you have to rappel down, so its not a super fast paced hike, but it is incredibly beautiful. Definitely doable for your whole family, or group to do the day after the race. We are also talking about offering some off-roading Jeep tours which will be really easy on tired legs. :)

Other activities are helicopter rides(cheaper than you think), horse back riding, ATV riding, bike tours, and for those tougher than me, hiking.

We are going to try and have some of these special activities available when registration opens, but we may have to add them later as we get closer to March. Either way, make sure you plan to stay and play at Zion for a few days after the race if you can. It will be worth it. I really hope a lot of runners will make this a vacation race.


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  • This looks absolutely beatiful. Will be looking forward to your email to register. I would really like to do this race and def. make it a mini vacation :) Thanks for putting it on and btw the LOGO looks awesome. GoOD job!!!

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