Finish Line

I am super excited about this course. You are going to LOVE it. The course starts on the edge of the lovely town of Virgin on Camino del Rio and runs up Highway 9 through Rockville and Springdale and finishes at the entrance to the park.

Plans might change as we get closer to race day, but the current plan is to give you a water bottle and your medal right at the finish line. We will have a medical tent right there as well. The finish is actually on a downhill slope (its the south most driveway into the Giant Screen Theater parking lot). We will have some benches or chairs for runners to rest on and will be using bib chips so no need to get a chip clipped off your shoe.

After about 20 yards of downhill we’ll have some recovery food for you including bread, fruit, and hopefully Creamies or chocolate milk.

We’ll have vendors and massage available and you will have time to browse some of the shops on site. Of course we will also have gear check and bathrooms available as well.

There is a lot of parking available both in the adjacent parking lot as well as actually in the park. I am assuming everyone will be visiting Zion either before or after the race so just show your pass and you can enter the park, park your car, and walk 100 yards to watch the runners finish. Spectators will be allowed in any area that is not barricaded off. There will be plenty of good viewing areas along the course, but know that traffic will be a bit challenging so expect heavy delays. There should be plenty of space for spectators at the finishline.

Zion is unique in that you can see a lot of the canyon without actually being in the park. From the finish line you have views of West Temple, Bridge Mountain, and other beautiful landmarks within the park. Again, you are literally 50 yards from the entrance to the park.

The closest hotels are Cable Mountain Lodge and Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens. I have stayed at Cable Mountain Lodge and I can tell you it is really high quality. If you can get a room there, you should. It is on the same property as the theater (and finishline) and will be a very short walk for tired legs once the race is over. Cliffrose is also very close. I am going to go speak with the manager of Cliffrose soon so I might have more info in a couple weeks. There are plenty of rooms in Springdale, or you can stay in neighboring Hurricane (pronounced Her-a-kin).

We will provide a shuttle back to stops in Springdale as well as to the starting line. We are not planning to provide any shuttles to the starting line, so you will have to get yourself to the start. I’ll post plans for the starting line in the coming weeks.

Below is a rough map of how we plan to setup the finish line. Are we missing anything?

I think you are going to love the finish line.

Finish Line Map (PDF Version)


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Salem Stanley

Salem Stanley is the founder and CEO of Vacation Races. He loves the personal growth that comes from athletics and physical challenges. He also is in love with National Parks. He received a BA in Business from Southern Virginia University where he was an All-American track athlete. He recently graduated with an MBA from BYU.

  • Kat says:

    A shuttle to the starting line would be great! I’m staying at Cable Mountain Lodge and was thinking about how I would get myself to the start. Thanks for providing us with so much valuable information on the race!

  • Laura says:

    Why no shuttles to the start line? I’m flying in from Portland for this race, don’t have folks to ride up there with…

    • salem says:

      Thank you for the input. A few others have mentioned wanting a shuttle to the starting line. So, I think we are going to offer a shuttle for those staying in Springdale. We will continue to post updates as things evolve.

      We really do appreciate your feedback.

  • Jennifer Lentz says:

    I highly recommend Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens. My husband and I have been to Zion a dozen times at least and Cliffrose is our fav place to stay. The rooms are nice, but the best part is sitting on the balcony or patio and just listening to the Virgin River while you watch the sun go down on The Watchman. The grounds are beautiful and family-friendly. There are places to sit outside and kids can run around on the grass. There is even a sand box with toys. We will be making our 2nd trip to Zion with our baby boy and staying at Cliffrose in a couple of weeks. He’ll be old enough to play in the sand box by race time! Can’t wait!!!

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