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  • Deb says:

    April, may or august, September would be good months as my feed back. Hope this helps, either course, but the first would be great. Hope this helps.

    • Michelle says:

      In the past, The Grand Canyon Marathon was held in November each year, and that worked out fantastically, both weather-wise, and in terms of general visitation. NPS might be more receptive to November, which is a notably more quiet month. Talk to the coordinators and volunteers who did Grand Canyon Marathon (especially Joel & Jeanie). They’re an excellent resource because they know the residents and can easily find fabulous volunteers for aid stations. They’re also very eager and committed to the events they’ve held. Find them through if you haven’t already. The Community Rec Center has also been involved in the past. It also might tip the scales if you make it eco-friendly, with cup-less water stations and encouraging the use of Camelbaks and other carrying devices. That’s how they did it, and it worked.

      • salem says:

        Thanks Michelle. We have reached out to Jeanie but she didn’t seem super receptive. We did talk to the park and they said no time of the year would work.

        We are planning to do the whole cupless thing, but I think our course will end up being just South of the park entrance.

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