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Come. Not to achieve your personal best time,
but to have the best time of your life.

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Raving Fans

Loved it

We had an amazing time...I've never done back to back to back like that ever and loved it. Know that I know I can I will try to do more because of this experience. Thank you!

Thaddeus Zysk
Trailfest Participant

Woohoo! We’re coming back for more, with more next year. (Let us know when 2018 registration opens). LP planners/coordinators are awesome, thank you!

Smallnavajo Harrison
Lake Powell Half Marathon Runner

Definitely a highlight so far this year

Standing in the middle of nowhere at 5 AM with almost 2000 other runners, watching the sky turn pink and waiting for this run to start, was definitely a highlight so far this year. Hope to do it again.

Gary Anderson
Glacier Half Marathon Runner

Thanks, Vacation Races, for an awesome race. If you can lose the brief deluge at the start, you'll have a perfect race!

Doug Calton
Shenandoah Half Marathon Runner

Another great run!

Thank you for another great run!

Jamie Biehahn-Crissman
Yosemite Half Marathon Runner

Thank you for a well organized race. My kids loved the park and dancers which made for easy entertainment after running!

Erin Nash-Fairfax
Trailfest Participant

I love Vacation Races

Yes!!! I'm going [to Yosemite] in 2018 and I am super excited, but first Grand Canyon Half Marathon, Lake Powell Half marathon, Zion Half marathon... :) I love Vacation Races races...can you tell? ;)

Danuta Piatek

Organization and Amenities were Fantastic

Thank YOU for an incredible race! The scenery was beautiful and I personally feel that the organization and amenities were fantastic. Great job, I'm already looking forward to next year!

Trevor C.
Grand Teton Half Runner

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